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nn - No News is Good News newsreader

I am the original author of the nn news reader program which used to be among the top three news reader programs in use back in the early days of USENET, i.e. when USENET was a low-noise, highly valuable source of all sorts of information, most of the subscribers were UNIX users, and spam was something you got in a tin.

So by nature, nn is a UNIX program which is ported to a lot of platforms and flavours of UNIX - including LINUX on Intel PCs...

I gave up the maintenance of nn back in 1991, and the current maintainer is Michael T Pins (see below), who is currently working on a complete rewrite of nn to be released with the next year or so.

Michael maintains the site where you can find the FAQ and latest production release of nn.

You can get the alpha and beta releases of the current development versions via FTP from

The news group is dedicated to nn.

Toivo Pedaste has written an TK/TCL front-end for nn, so nn can be used via X-windows. Get it here.

You can find more information about nn here.

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